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Burrata from Puglia with with Cantabrian anchovy, pan brioche and tomato cream | € 23.00

Piedmontese beef tartare with Parmesan crumble, grated egg yolk and mustard seeds' | € 25.00

Cod and courgette morsels in rice tempura with sweet and sour sauce and lime mayonnaise | € 23.00

Octopus cooked at low temperature with buffalo mozzarella cream, rosemary oil and cherry tomatoes | € 25.00

Carpaccio of cold smoked char with fennel and orange salad and mango sauce | € 26.00

Capocollo di Martina Franca with homemade Gargnano lemon marmalade and dried tomato focaccina | € 20.00

Vegetable gazpacho with prawn tartare and melon sorbet | € 22.00

First course

Maccheroncini al torchio with Parma ham and flakes of fine black traffle | € 26.00

Spaghettoni di Gragnano with red lobster, cherry tomato and spring onion crudaiola | € 34.00

Murgia black chickpea soup with sautéed prawns and chilli oil | € 21.00

Egg pappardelle with pike, chopped capers, anchovies, olives and Gargnano lemon oil | € 23.00

Paccheri with pistachio pesto, sautéed scallops with buffalo mozzarella | € 24.00


Second course – fish

Sliced red tuna and soy sauce with sautéed turnip tops and red onion puree  | € 35.00

Monkfish bites cooked at low temperature au gratin with parsley and Jerusalem artichoke puree | € 33.00

Fillets of lake perch breaded in herbs with homemade yoghurt mayonnaise on marinated purple cabbage  | € 32.00

Slightly spicy soup with red prawns, cod, mussels, clams and served with garlic bread croutons| € 29.00  

Second course – meat

Beef tenderloin with shallot sauce and star anise carrot puree | € 32.00

Low-temperature cooked rack of lamb in pistachio crust with mustard bean sauce and buttered friarielli | € 36.00

Grilled rib of beef with 'Giuseppe Giusti' 4 IGP gold medal balsamic vinegar and potato and almond pie | € 38.00

Aubergine and basil croquettes served on parmesan cream and fig reduction | € 27.00


Our kitchen and waiting staff are available in case you need to modify any of the dishes offered on the menu or if you have any further request

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