Autumn menu


Prawn tails and zucchini in rice tempura served with sweet-sour sauce and ginger mayonnaise | € 17.00

Dill smoked char with hot pancakes and fresh lime buffalo mousse | € 16.00

Pumpkin pie served on mountain Tombea cheese fondue and drops of pomegranate | € 15.00

Piedmontese Fassona beef tartare with capers mustard grains and breadsticks made with special wheat “grano arso” | € 19.00

Baked snails with friarielli | € 16.00

First course

Home-made bronze pressed maccheroncini pasta with strips of raw Parma ham and fine black truffle | € 18.00

Tagliatelle with a sauce of lake Garda pike, roasted peppers and confit cherry tomatoes | € 17.00

Lugana wine soup with potato truffle tortello | € 16.00

Polenta gnocchi with game ragout and roasted almonds | € 18.00

Agnolotti filled herbs, spinach and fresh cheese served with mountain butter and smoked ricotta | € 17.00

Strigoli with rocket pesto sauce served with roasted prawn tails and confit cherry tomatoes | € 16.00

Second course – fish

Trout steak au gratin with herbs and pistachio served on topinambur cream and yellow tomatoes | € 24.00

Sea bass fillet cooked in “carta fata” with a fresh tomatoes sauce, capers, olives and potatoes | € 26.00

Grilled monkfish with sweet and sour “Trevisano" radicchio | € 28.00  

Second course – meat

Irish beef fillet in a butter crust with sautéed potatoes and artichokes | € 28.00

Iberian pork loin cooked at low temperature with “scorzonera” root puree and red turnips | € 25.00

Lamb saddle with thyme-flavored cardoncelli mushrooms and potato pie with Bagoss mountain cheese
| € 27.00

Veal and artichoke rolls | € 24.00

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