Se Dio creò il cibo... diavolo certamente creò i cuochi

The passion for food and the pleasure it gives to those who know how to enjoy it was the reason that led me to undertake this career which I maight as well call it my passion ..

I was born in a small village in Lake Garda, where food was not simply the act of feeding oneself but rather a ritual, almost a celebration.

After taking my diploma at the local hotel school, curiosity led me to travel the world, making experience in the best restaurants, trying to unravel the secrets of these great chefs. I still remember with nostalgia those years in the midst of that "culinary madness" ...(as I like to call it) " 

The guests of Villa Sostaga will appreciate a modern, imaginative cuisine, which is able to surprise but at the same time does not give in to fashion, because nowadays there is no greater transgression than normality.

Aiuto Cuoco
Aiuto Cuoco