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Culinary Art

After having worked in numerous and well known 4 star hotel restaurants throughout Italy -  mostly in the regions of Emilia Romagna, Venice, Lake Garda and Alto Adige –, the chef Gianfranco Pugliese accepted the “challenge” of leading the kitchen brigade of the Restaurant  Sostaga. In terms of culinary style, his philosophy can be summarised by the following concept: innovative but… traditional. His dishes in fact, are the fruit of the inseparable connubial between the precious National gastronomic heritage and the personal creativity of who intends to add a pinch of innovation to render even more sublime, dishes which are already in themselves, delicious.

A lover of simple and genuine flavours - in his fridge you will always find tomatoes, salad and cheese and adores orecchiette pasta with turnip greens - , our chef, flanked by his fantastic team, is ready to astonish you with his “art”. What are you waiting for? Take a seat at the table and set off in an unforgettable journey to the root of flavours!

The kitchen

Among our suppliers, we can boast the most well-known companies to guarantee freshness and quality. Today more than ever, my research is oriented to products with a very limited environmental impact.

This has led us to collaborate increasingly with local farms for the supply of meat, eggs, cheese, olive oil and fish.
It has given me the idea of the Seasonal Menu, which aims to promote local products in respect to the environment and, at the same time, giving t touch of modernity and avant-garde that I like so much.

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