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Spring menu


Salmon trout marinated with citrus fruits from lake Garda with buffalo ricotta mousse and crackers with extra virgin olive oil | € 16.00

Sea and lake fish soup served with bruschetta of semolina bread flavoured with garlic and chilli | € 18.00

Fried freshwater fish in rice tempura served with sweet and sour sauce and chive mayonnaise | € 16.00

Grilled scallops from the Pacific Ocean served on a fresh salad of artichokes and pears | € 20.00

Fassona tartare topped with extra virgin olive oil from Gargnano and flakes of fine truffle served with wheat breadsticks | € 20.00

Fresh cheese mousse with grained hazelnuts served on orange and avocado fruit salad | € 15.00

First course

Black tortelloni stuffed with cod and potatoes served on a cream of green asparagus | € 17.00

Homemade egg tagliatelle with violet artichokes and whitefish sauce flavoured with lemon and thyme | € 18.00

Homemade cavatelli with cuttlefish julienne cherry tomatoes and cream of fresh broad beans | € 16.00

Homemade bronze drawn fusilli with white sausage ragù and flakes of local mountain cheese “Tombea”
| € 15.00

Homemade maccheroncini with stripes of Parma ham and flakes of fine black truffle | € 18.00

Warm tomato soup with leccino olives and buffalo stracciatella cheese | € 15.00

Second course - fish

Golden alpine char in sesame crust with wild chicory and potato cream and saffron | € 23.00

Catch of the day baked or grilled served with grilled vegetables | € 28.00

Roasted sea bass with organic carrot puree and cabbage and cumin salad | € 25.00

Second course - meat

Beef fillet in a truffle crust with fried potato cubes | € 28.00

Sliced lamb rump and mustard grains with braised aubergines on the grill | € 25.00

Guinea fowl breast (bred with cornmeal) glazed with Valpollicella wine with red onion and a cream of Jerusalem artichoke | € 23.00


The chocolate cake with a soft heart and prosecco ice cream (Cooking time 11 minutes) | € 9.00

Chestnut honey semifreddo with almond crumble | € 8.00

Tart with salted peanut cream and raspberry sauce | € 9.00

Fruits from Sorrento filled with ice-cream | € 10.00

Lemon Sorbet | € 6.00

Fresh seasonal fruit salad | € 6.00

Our kitchen and waiting staff are available in case you need to modify any of the dishes offered on the menu or if you have any further request

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